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May 2, 2019

8 Hair Tips From Kiyah Wright
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June 8, 2019

The Hottest Summer Hair Looks To Copy
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June 13, 2019

6 Best Products To Get Gorgeous Waves
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Kiyah Saves A Young Woman’s Hair With Muze Hair!

This past week Kiyah Wright saved a young woman named Jasmine on Access Live. During COVID and the “Stay At Home” mandate Jasmine decided to shave all of her hair off in frustration. After coming to her senses she realized, she might want her length back. She also wanted more versatility during interviews and being a teacher, she wanted a different look for teaching online. Access Live called in celebrity hairstylist, Ms. Wright, for the best wig advice and a surprise virtual consultation. Watch and see what look Jasmine chooses!
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Another Great Instagram Live For Pantene Gold Series With Kiyah Wright And Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson!

  Take a look at this IG Live with Kiyah Wright and Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson chatting about Pantene’s Gold Series, specifically formulated for textured hair. Being a woman of color and having textures hair, maintenance can be a revolving door. You might have growth but not be sure how to maintain that growth, you might be struggling with dry brittle hair under a protective style. They shared some great tips and tricks and they’re product favs for your hair. Whether you have relaxed, natural or transitioning hair – they covered it all with tips, tricks and first-hand advice. Not to mention, a full rundown of Pantene Gold Series products, created by Black PhD’s and scientists. Check out some highlights here!! What ever your dilemma, Kiyah and Dr. Wilkerson have you covered with some great tips and products featuring Pantene’s Gold Series!  
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IG Live With Sheen Magazine And Kiyah Wright

Did you miss the IG live with Kiyah Wright and Sheen Magazine this past Tuesday! We have you covered with the full length interview, right here! Check it out and learn more about Kiyah Wright’s journey, how she got to winning her Emmy from The Tyra show to Top Model. Kiyah shares how she fell in love with doing hair and how she started her career. She also shares tips for being adventurous with your hair at home or with your stylist (if they’re open). Check out the video below!  
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If you missed the Instagram Live with celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright and P& G principle scientist Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson, you can watch all the informative textured hair goodness here! This IG live will give you the product knowledge you need to keep your hair healthy. You might also get some answers to questions you have about hair maintenance and good product decisions overall. Check out the video below!
In past years many women are feeling empowered to wear their natural hair. We see natural red carpet looks and even laws like The Crown Act empower women of color to wear their natural hair proudly in the work place. But now, women are making the decision to wear their hair straight again.  There has been a great deal of research attempting to prove that relaxers cause cancer but all of the research has been in inconclusive. According to the Zoe Report article Why The Natural To Relaxed HairTransition Is So Prevalent Right Now “another study conducted by researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences that found there was no concrete correlation between cancer and the hair treatment”. You would think the freedom of knowing you will not develop cancer will make women more confident in going back to relaxers, but that isn’t the case.  Many women are
During the Big Talk episode of The Read podcast, Kiyah Wright spoke to Crissle about the trends and every day hair struggles of quarantine.  It seems everyone is trying to come up with a new idea or trend to maintain their hair at home.  Kiyah spoke on challenges she’s encountering with clients “for people who have to webcam, I have found that my clients are coming to me asking, “what am I going to do with these greys, how can I take care of my hair?” During the interview Kiyah stressed the importance of taking a moment to breath and care for the hair and scalp under the protective styles. While doing this, she also spoke about Head and Shoulders Royal Oils line. This line was specifically created to care for the scalp of  women of color. Kiyah spoke on why she loves Royal oils so much and even uses
America is currently in a pandemic and every news station and channel is covering updates around the clock. Sometimes it can be quit overwhelming and many find it difficult to find hope or a light at the end of the tunnel. Beyond going outside many people are finding it hard to cope without their hairstylist, barber or manicurist.  The Professional Beauty Federation of California is now suing Governor Newsom for the stay at home order. For many beauty professionals the new normal has put a pause on all businesses and they’re ready to get back to their normal lives. Kiyah Wright has a different perspective. Watch the clip of the video below.
It’s 2020 and everything is REALLY moving to digital platforms, especially now that social distancing requires six feet between everyone.  In person interviews are impossible. Lucky for us technology is  affording viewers the opportunity to catch up on all the great information social distancing try’s to keep from us. Fox Soul TV is a new platform that distributes great content for and including people of color. Claudia Jordans show,Out Loud,  gives professionals and experts the opportunity to chat about topics we care about! No physical interactions required here! On this past Thursdays episode, Kiyah Wright and AJ Crimson talked to Claudia Jordan about how the “Safer at Home” ordinance has affect their lives and businesses. The ordinance required all non-essential businesses to shut down, without any date or idea of when they could re-open. Of course, that included beauty salons, retail stores and nail shops. The two beauty experts had to


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