Jalannia Sutton’s passion has always been to provide sophisticated, professional, and creative fashion consulting to young women while addressing the total individual.

She has owned and operated her own boutique (“Dooquez Closet” 1995-1999) and knows the fashion industry from the inside out. She has conducted “Prom Consulting” seminars in the D.C. area public schools, providing “package services” with other area businesses (hair and skin) (1996-1999) and organized and staged a fashion show for teens with WPGC (95.5FM) at their first “For Sisters Only Expo” in 1997 with 30,000 people in attendance and more than 40 models.

She inspires and informs “What I am wearing is intentional with who I am and what I am called to do .”

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Muze Hair Wig Styles By Jalannia Sutton