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One Veteran A Heart Breaking Story, And Her Life Changing Makeover…

Unfortunately, many veterans find it difficult to get back acquainted into their usual lives after they have served. For Feliza, her reintroduction into society was quiet a shock. She appeared as a guest on Access Hollywood Live and the team helped give her the tools to change her life and her look!

Feliza served in the Marines for eleven years as a cook. Thankfully she was able to raise her four children safely and make sure they had all the tools they needed.  Once Feliza was released from the Marines, she found herself in financial deprivation. She was homeless and for ten months, she was in a transitional shelter.

The silver lining came when she connected with a program that assist women with her specific needs. They were able to put her in a beautiful home for a year rent free. This program also provides her with three meals a day. After getting her housing together, she needed a little help getting her look and confidence to the next level. This meant celebrity hair stylist Kiyah Wright came in to give Feliza a full hair makeover. Her final look definitely got her ready to secure the job she now has and gave her a little extra confidence to follow her dreams.

Check out some behind the scenes footage below.

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