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Essence Beauty Carnival: Quarantine Hair Tips From Kiyah Wright!

Black women across the nation know this would have been fun filled Essence Festival Weekend. Unfortunately, COVID- 19 has shut down every large gathering across the country.This means we have to be patient and hope the festival can come back next year. The festival might be cancelled but the great information is still rolling in!

Kiyah Wright spoke with Essence Beauty Carnival to give all our curly girls some advice. Check out these pro tips from celebrity hair stylist Kiyah Wright! She gives great advice and tips on weathering a second wave of stay at home orders. This is useful information for both the client and the stylist! If you’re like many Americans you might still need at home hair tips. Kiyah highlights Head & Shoulders Royal Oils and Pantene’s Gold Series. Both lines provide the moisture and maintenance us textured girls need.

Check out the article and video below.

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