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Get The Look: ⚡️ELECTRIC BLUE Mullet ⚡️w/Celebrity Hairstylist Kiyah Wright & Artist Nevaeh Jolie

We went into our creative bag this week and decided to do a Rockstar Makeover on our Muze Nevaeh Jolie. For this look, we used Adore color 112 blue and a signature Blonde Muze|Hair Wig. One thing about creating this look is that we didn't color the wig in a traditinoal way, instead the Dip Method was used. The Dip Method is when you mix hot water with the desired color and dip the blonde 613 wig into the color mix. You let the hair sit in the colored water and in just a few minutes the color will adhere to the wig. Please note that the longer you soak the color, the more vibrant the color will be. To get this Electric Blue, we had to dunk the hair about 2 times. Then it was just a matter of cutting it and styling it.

Here's how we got the look with our little DIY at the salon:

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