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Kiyah Wright takes Muze|Hair to GOOD MORNING AMERICA

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Kiyah Wright graces the stage of Good Morning America to show us the Wright way of choosing, maintaining, and styling the right wig for you.

Some Tips to Remember:

✨ When choosing your next wig, determine if you want it for the long run or for a quick night on the town. Make note if you want human hair or synthetic hair. The longevity will matter when you decide to purchase your next unit.

✨ When washing your wig, choose a product that's light and adds bounce to your hair. You don't want a product that will weigh your hair down. It will create a flat and unattractive overall look.

✨When styling your wig, if it is synthetic be sure to use low heat and light hairspray. If you have human hair you can be more versatile with how you style your hair. Stipulations are lower with human hair, you have the ability to manipulate it.

Kiyah Wright also had the opportunity to show us how impactful your hair can be to your life. She provides a makeover to a beautiful volunteer named Gloria, who explained how her current hair situation was weighing on her confidence and Kiyah helped her situation. #ChangeyourhairChangeyourlife

You can watch for yourself using the link below ⬇️

Check out some Behind The Scenes ⬇️

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