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Holiday Gift Must Have's for the Beauty Lover in Your Life !!

It's the holiday season and that means its time to look for gift ideas for your loved ones. If you have a beauty professional or a beauty lover in your life here are some of the go-to BEAUTY ESSENTIALS that keep me feeling beautiful all year round!! Here are some products that I definitely cannot live without !!

My NUME FLAT IRON is my favorite hot tool right now. It heats up to 450 degrees, easily glides through the hair and is a great iron to use when you are in a hurry because its big enough for you to flatten bigger sections of hair.

I also have to go with my T3 FLAT IRONS their Single Pass Curling Iron and their 3-Piece Curling Iron. If you are looking for a great 3 piece curling iron set, then you gotta check out T3 Micro's Twirl Trio Curling Iron! This product has three interchangeable barrels, which I love which will give you a diversity of curling styles:

✨The 1” barrel is great for those spiral curls and defined waves

✨The 1 1/4” barrel is for those Beachy Waves or a more textured wave

✨The 1 1/2” Barrel is great for a more full bodied waves

T3 has great flat irons and just great products in general. They are definitely some of my Go-To Products !!

UNITE 7 Seconds Leave In Conditioner: This conditioner detangles your hair in seconds and get the hair nice and soft before you begin blow drying. It also smells amazing!

EBIN Edge Control: If you really need to lay those edges, EBIN edge control is my go to edge control. It’s not greasy and provides a good hold throughout the day, without leaving any white residue.


All of these tools are great for my maintenance regime. The leave in conditioner is essential for detangling and preps your hair for blow drying.

Most women right now are loving a good edge control. It is one of the products that is easy to apply, keeps you cute and is great for when you are on the go. Just use your edge brush or a toothbrush and mold those baby hairs into a cute style.

I don’t like to use a lot of heat on my hair but the Nume iron is great for straightening natural hair on the go. It leave the hair feeling very soft, silky and gives hair a lasting shine.

So there you have it!! These are some great Holiday gift ideas for the beauty lovers in your life !!

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