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Kiyah Wright & Black Hollywood Live Talk Coronavirus, Primary Elections, Pop Culture, Hair and Biz.

Podcast are a new, popular way for people to get their voices heard and get information they view important out to the masses. During this past episode of Black Hollywood live Kiyah Wright stopped by to chat with the host. They spoke about the hottest topics of the moment; the Coronavirus and the Primary Election. The virus has many people shook and even creating a prejudice energy  that Wright talks about during an experience at the gym. Many Americans aren’t really sure what to do but the interesting thing about the outbreak is the demographics for the virus have not included a great amount of black people, if not any at all. When It comes to the primary elections the three discussed their opinions and personal thoughts but it was clear the candidate each one favored had no chance.

Then they went on to talk about the good stuff! Kiyah shared her thoughts on a recent Target ad that highlighted a black female business owner of Honey Pot. It was literally a Black History month highlighting a black business. Despite Targets efforts to be inclusive there was a great deal of backlash accusing the Honey Pot owner of excluded girls of other races from her products. Which was completely false. The silver lining in all of this negativity was Honey Pots sales going up 50%.

Wright ended the interview with her personal journey in the haircare industry from working with celebrities to moving across the country nearly 20 years ago. She revealed her personal fears and thoughts about the grind to get to the next level. Kiyah tells the host about her plans for the future, what she’s hoping to accomplish and her book she’s currently working on. It will be a book ALL business owners will want to read.

Check out the full video blow and don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel.

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