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Kiyah Wright Chats On The Lisa Show About Changing Your Hair During Quarantine!

Kiyah Wright started the new month of May having a early morning conversation with Lisa Valentine Clark and Richie T Steadman on The Lisa Show broadcasted on BYUradio. They spoke about changing your hair and the anxiety many people are having without their stylist. From boxed color to taming a mans facial hair and beard, Kiyah gave useful information for daily up keep and presentation when it comes to those video calls. She was also able to give her thoughts on the new craze with shaving heads. Many women are turning to the clippers and shaving all of their hair off because they cannot visit their stylist. Kiyah says ” if you’re going to shave your head, you have to give me a little makeup”. She explains the importance of feminizing your look.

Check out the full interview below, starting from 50:37

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