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New Year, We still Care For Textured Hair!

It's 2021, and we still want you to know we care for textured hair. Especially in the winter cold, a time when your curls can be brittle and dry. If you're thinking of rocking your hair straight this Winter, we have information you'll want to know. Kinky, Textured, Type 4 hair needs to be treated differently than other curl types when it comes to straightening because the hair is more porous, meaning that the hair can break easily when straightened. Textured hair is also dryer and more brittle so before straightening the hair make sure you condition it in stages by first starting with a good shampoo and conditioner. The Co-Wash from Royal Oils by Head & Shoulders is a a great option because it uses less shampoo agents and has more conditioning agents which works nicely on textured hair. To maintain your natural curl pattern Kiyah recommends only straighten your hair once a month. A protective heat serum is great for protecting the ends and she recommends using the T3 Single Pass Flat Iron. If you flat iron your hair just pass over hair one time. To maintain your look for a full month Kiyah also recommends using Gold Series Thermal Heat Protective Spray and wrapping your hair with a silk scarf at night.

Here are the steps to healthy straight natural hair!

1. Start with the foundation and that means a good hydrating shampoo and

conditioner first something that is hydrating and moisturizing. Which is why the

Royal Oils by Head and Shoulders line is great as a system. We love it because it can be

used on all textures, 4c curly hair and all color treated hair as well.

2. Then use the Gold Series by Pantene Leave In Conditioner or if you're wearing it

out, use the Gold Series Detangling Milk so the hair doesn’t feel too heavy or greasy.

3. Detangle hair using a paddle brush

4. Before Straightening, use a thermal protector to keep the natural hair curl pattern. The Gold Series Thermal Heat Protector spray is infused with Argan Oil and is great for protecting the natural hair before applying heat. Blow dry

5. Using a low heat flat iron, like theT3 Single Pass Flat Iron, This is great for natural girls because you only one pass and it is great for using low heat on textured hair.

For all those girls out there who want to keep their texture but also want to keep the length, it's important to address that shrinkage. Shrinkage is when type 4 hair is in its natural state. Our hair grows in a curly pattern that makes it more compacted until its straightened. You can stretch your curls by double strand twisting it or blow drying it at the root to

make hair fuller at the root naturally with no chemicals.

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