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Quarantine Grays Be Gone!? Tips & Tricks on How to Combat those Pesky Grays

Do you have gray hair? Are you unsure how to cover the gray hair quickly or even long term? celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright will give you the tips and products you need to get through and to your next salon visit!

To temporarily, get rid of those gray hairs around your hairline we suggest the following:

Solution 1:

Gray hair tends to be very dry so using good color products that are also hydrating is key.

Start with Clairol Professionals Gray Busters. Be sure to use the NN series when trying to cover those grays.

Mix equal parts (equal process) of your Clairol Professionals Gray Busters (2oz) in a color applicator bottle with 10 Volume (2oz). This is how you get a good semi-permanent color

#protip For Gray Touchups, you only need about 2oz of equal mixed parts of Clairol Professionals Gray Busters (1oz) and 10 Volume (1oz)

Solution 2:

Use the Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution by Clairol Professional

Simply apply to your grays around your hairline, let sit and rinse

Solution 3:

L'Oreal Root Magic Spray: this solution is a super temporary single day solution if you are trying to cover up those grays and you are on the go. Simply spray this color spray onto your grays and gently use an Edge brush to blend in the color

Solution 4:

Toppik Hair Fibers or Hair in a Bottle Hair Fibers: These are small colored hair fibers that will cover your grays temporarily, with the added benefit of adding a little thickness to your hairline

Which ever SOLUTION you choose, they all are great for covering up those Gray's.


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