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Tame Your Frizz 101

With the weather constantly changing, frizzy hair is inevitable so I’m going to tell you a few ways you can Tame Your Frizz!


Tame your frizz by first hydrating your hair. Personally, I like to first start out with a Hydrating Keratin Shampoo. This will help minimize and tone down the frizz. I also love to a good steam treatment paired with a hydrating masque conditioner. One of my favorite hair masques is Head and Shoulders Deep Moisture Masque. I would then use a good humectant thermal spray, such as Kenra. Thermal sprays are great for anti-frizz in humid weather. 


For Straight Hair, some of my favorite products to use are Muze|Hair’s Last Look Hairspray. It gives the hair a light flexbile hold, that last throughout the day. I also like to use a volumizer to add more volume to thinner hair. Some of my top volumizers are Redken and Purology. They both work really well on straight hair. Last but not least, I love my Tancho Stick. If you are on the go and need to tame any type of frizz this wax stick will do the trick.

For Textured Hair the Pantene Gold series is a favorite. Their shampoo, conditioner and masque keeps hair hydrated, soft and silky. With textured hair, for me, it’s all about prepping the scalp to make the hair feel great.I also love the steamer, paired with a good conditioning masque. Lastly I like to use a good leave in conditioner. UNITE 7Seconds Leave In Conditioner is a MUST all the way across the board. It’s a Leave In Conditioner that is weightless, doesn’t leave any residue on the hair, detangles the hair in seconds and works on every hair texture.


If you are going to a high intensity workout like spin class, there is really nothing you can do to keep your hair under control. All you can really do is keep your hair hydrated conditioned, use a little edge control and then put your hair in a low ponytail. If you want to try and keep it cute, you can use clip in extensions or wear a weave.

If you are doing a lighter workout, such as yoga or Pilates, shine oils are great. Due to the saltiness in your sweat, your hair tends to dry out, so a good shine oil will help maintain that hydration. You can tie your hair down with a satin scarf or if you want to keep the body in your hair, pin curl it and then tie it down.

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