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Winter Hair Trends You'll Love!

It's getting colder outside and there are some ice cold hair trends. This winter blue hair has become quite a trend. Kiyah Wright created a beautiful blue textured wig for Ciara. Watch the process below!

Why is winter blue hair becoming a trend? Winter blue hair is a fun trend this winter because it’s a color that blends in with your every day wear, is not too pungent and can be dressed up or down. Those cool 70’s pastel blue shades also work great with a lot of skin tones and is great for those girls that love blonde but want to try a little something different. · How can others achieve the look at home? First you want to make sure it matches your skin tone. You can go for brands like Wella Color Touch Instamatic or Adore and their tones of blue and turquoise. Its’ really about finding that shade of blue that works for you. Since all blues aren’t the same, you will probably have to go through the hair twice to achieve the color you want. Also, be sure to use a blonde base when starting the color. If you want the hair to have more gold and warm turquoise tones, then use a blonde that has more yellow in. if you want a true blue cool turquoise, then you definitely need to use a platinum icy blonde as your base. This blonde will allow you to achieve a more cool turquoise color. · What products do you suggest when trying the color out? To maintain this color, don’t use heavy or harsh shampoos. Since I was working on Curly hair for this look, I used a lot of products that were hydrating to blonde hair which helped it look shiny. I also mixed a little of the color with the shampoo and the conditioner because it helps lift the color in the wig and keeps the color more vibrant once you’re done applying. Sometime to get a more intense color, I also let the color sit on the hair for 3-5mins. · What are the dos and don'ts of hair coloring at home? Do have gloves because the color is messy and will get over your hands Do color hair in an area where you don’t mind getting dirty cause the color tends to stain walls Don’t color hair in room you care about, you have to be careful about splashing and things like that be careful of the walls Make sure that you don’t have a white pillow case because color may bleed Also beware of white clothing since the color might bleed.

Check out some video's of Ciara wearing the wig, while spending family time with her family.

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