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Introducing your ultimate ally in flawless lace front hair accessory application - our versatile range of French Pins. These indispensable accessories are your go-to solution for achieving a secure and seamless fit for your lace front. Whether you're a lace front aficionado or just starting your journey, our French Pins are the key to a worry-free, stunning look.


Key Features:


  • Tailored Versatility: Our assortment of French Pins comes in three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large – each with a distinct purpose to ensure the perfect hold for your lace front. Enjoy the confidence of a custom fit that effortlessly enhances your appearance.


  • Small Pins for Front and Sides: Precision meets perfection with our Small French Pins, expertly designed to secure the delicate front and sides of your lace front hair accessory. Achieve a natural look that seamlessly blends with your hairline, without the fuss.


  • Medium Pins for Middle and Back: With the Medium French Pins, securing your wig in the middle and back becomes a breeze. Experience steadfast hold and freedom of movement, allowing you to own every moment without any wig-related concerns.


  • Large French Pins for Back: The Large French Pins take charge of the back of your lace front hair accessory, ensuring a solid and dependable grip. No more worries about slippage – these pins have got your back, quite literally.


  • Gentle on Lace: The game-changer lies in the design. Our French Pins are masterfully crafted to glide through your lace without leaving a trace. Enjoy a secure hold without compromising the integrity of your lace, as these pins elegantly avoid creating any unsightly holes.

French Pins - S | M | L


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